Connecting Singaporean and Swiss Excellence

Switzerland and Singapore are regularly compared due to their similar standards of punctuality, cleanliness, and quality of service. They are also both considered to have high levels of knowledge in many industries. However, despite these similarities in culture, their markets are often regarded as different.

Communication and advertising are one of the most important parts of a successful development strategy. By delivering the same level of excellence in both countries,
FZ Activation Pte Ltd. supports Swiss and Singaporean companies and organizations in the implementation of their communication in both regions with a Swiss-made touch.

We deliver adaptive and creative solutions, plan communication strategies, and negotiate media buying in Singapore and Switzerland. We are capable of delivering a bespoke service in English, French and German.

We are expecting to become an important avenue for communication opportunities in Europe and Singapore for Singaporean companies.

Our services

Propose communication, media, advertising, PR and social media solutions for Singaporean and Swiss companies in Singapore.

Provide communication and advertising consulting overseas for APAC brands which introduce them to European markets.
(Switzerland and others European countries)

Develop connections between partnerships in Singapore, offering communication and advertising consulting for Swiss brands (watches, tourism, banks, technology industry, pharma, etc.) which help develop their business in APAC.

Buy and optimize media campaigns using classical, digital, native, content-based and social media.

Create content marketing strategies (publishing).

Manage Activation Campaigns (events, PR, etc.)

    • Offer support in developing communication media strategies, including digital media and social media.
    • Set up internal and external communication processes.
    • Provide professional performance measurement tools.
    • Agency pitches, brainstorming sessions.


    • Carry out and set up project communication plans.
    • Draw up strategies, and evaluate and plan methods.
    • Tailored services: comprehensive management, coordination, production, content creation, media planning and/or community management.

    Project Management

    • Engagement, Amplification, Loyalty, Segmentation
    • Ideas and means proposals (Paid, Owned, Earned)
    • Media planning and buying
    • Production management, proactivity and interactions, 
including both digital media and social media.

    Media Buying & Activation

    • Tailored training sessions, adapted to the enterprise and its communicators.
    • From the basis of integrating digital media and social media.
    • Strategies, audience, media planning, crossmedia, transmedia, …


    • Design, branding and corporate identity
    • Websites tailored for individual business.
    • Websites for the Swiss and European markets

    Graphic design


We are specialized

FZ Activation Pte Ltd. provides a quality service, and is competent in both the Swiss and Singaporean markets. It is not comparable with agency networks that deliver their services worldwide.


We focused on SME

We propose communication, advertising and media solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and cannot be compared with companies that offer large solutions for multinational enterprises.


Idea first and then planning

Big networks are negotiation and performance-focused. We prioritize the concept and the idea first, and then we implement, thus providing a truly unique service. We are also aware of the importance of ROE (Return-On-Engagement), whereas agencies mostly deliver qualitative campaigns on ROI (Return-On-Investment) goals.

About me

A multi-lingual, creative and seasoned Communication, Media and Advertising professional with extensive and broad-based experience in diverse senior leadership positions as well as an Independent Consultant for reputable international companies with an in-depth knowledge of Switzerland.
Master in Economics and Social Sciences (Marketing, Communication & Journalism specialization), University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Swiss Citizen, fluent in English, French and German.
Lecturer and Communication Training Director at SAWI and HEIG schools.


Key Expertise includes

Marketing & Communication: Strong foundational career as a journalist and held various positions in Marketing and Communication. Able to leverage knowledge in the 360° process to develop brands and their communication strategies. 

Agency Experience: Experience includes working for a large agency network with global and local clients. Fully CRM and customer-oriented, appreciating both agency and client roles with a strong expertise of luxury brands. As an Activation Specialist, able to recommend creative ideas to clients while remaining focused on the “hands-on approach”.

Negotiation Power: Collaborate on the motto of “Higher performance for less money” thus enabling brands to maximize their Marketing, Communication and Media budgets to obtain free space and added value. Focus on both ROI (Return-On-Investment) and ROE (Return-On-Engagement), especially in the digital market.